Volumes 61-70

Volume 61


Church Patronage in the New State: The All Hallows College Collection – Dr Sighle Breathnach-Lynch

Beyond the Face of St Vincent – Tom Lane CM

How St Vincent Ferrer influenced St Vincent de Paul – Pat Collins CM

The Chapel in Castleknock College – Tom Davitt CM

Bishop Daton’s Book – Tom Davitt CM

Fr Cahalan – Bernadette MacMahon DC

St Vincent de Paul – John Charles McQuaid

Recollections of an Ancient Vincentian – Desmond MacMorrow CM

British Heroes of the Holocaust Awards – Joan Conway DC


Fr Hugh Murnaghan CM

Fr Eugene Sweeney CM


Volume 62

Vincent de Paul, as seen by those who knew him - Tom Davitt CM

In the Footsteps of Justin de Jacobis in Southern Italy - Tom Davitt CM

Fr Edward Ferris CM (1738-1809) - Tom Davitt CM

Prayer in the Congregation - Richard McMullen CM

Folleville 1617 – What was its Impact? - Bernhard Koch CM

The Irish College, Paris - Mary Morrissey

Mo Scéal Féin - Jim McCormack CM

A Sprinkling of Memories; Before I Forget - Joan Tindall


Fr. Anthony Clune CM

Fr. Thomas Lane CM


Volume 63

Inequality in the Irish Educational System: A Comparative Study of Early School Leaving in Dublin with the National School Retention Rates cohorts 1996-2004 - Seán Farrell CM

It began quite a few years ago… - Agnes Goodwin

A later Irish involvement in the Australian Mission (1966-68) - Michael Dunne CM


Fr Diarmuid O Hegarty CM

Fr Brian Moore CM