Volumes 21-30

Volume 21

A Word From Vincent – James C Sheil CM

Convocation 1989: Opening Address – Mark Noonan CM

Convocation and After: One Viewpoint form Ireland – Eugene Curran CM

Convocation and After: One Viewpoint form Britain – Stanislaus Brindley CM

The Vincentian Ethos in St Patrick's College, Armagh – Kieran Magovern CM

Janez Francisek Gnidovec – Thomas Davitt CM


Morning Prayer for the Pupils at Castleknock College – Jack Harris CM


Fr Denis Corkery CM

Fr Edward Lyons CM

Fr Kevin Condon CM

Br Michael O'Sullivan CM


Volume 22

St Vincent's Conversion and Our Own – André Sylvestre CM

Evangelizare Pauperibus Misit Me: Jesus in the Synagogue at Nazareth – Michael Prior CM

Convocation: One Viewpoint from Nigeria – Urban Chidi Osuji CM

The Local Community Plan – Robert P Maloney CM

St Vincent's, Gateacre, Liverpool – Thomas Davitt CM


The American Experience 1988-1990 – Colm McAdam CM


A Letter of John Gabriel Perboyre

Air Raid Sirens in Armagh


Fr Kevin O'Hagan CM


Volume 23

Sermon in St Peter's, Phibsboro, on Feast of St Vincent 1990 – Joseph Loftus CM

St Vincent and the Enneagramme: Another View – Aidan McGing CM

A Synod Experience – Richard McCullen CM

St Louise de Marillac in her Letters and Other Writings – Thomas Davitt CM

The Poor in Luke's Gospel – Michael Prior CM


The Pilgrimage of Solidarity to Tobar an Ailt – A Personal Reflection – Joseph Loftus CM

Planctus for the Dooleyites – James H Murphy CM


Archdeacon Murphy and St Vincent's, Sunday's Well, Cork – Thomas Davitt CM


Volume 24

St Vincent de Paul and Parochial Missions – James O'Doherty CM

Vincentian Parish Missions 1950 – 1980 – Thomas Bennet CM

Missions in the 1980s and 1990s – Jay Shanahan CM

She Will Find Them Again: Musings on St Louise – Thomas Lane CM

From the Superior General's Talks in Latin America 1983 – 89 – Selected by Luis Huerga CM


A Commentary on the Common Rules? - Aidan McGing CM

“Thanks for the Memory”: Reflections on a Vincentian Week – Eamon Flanagan CM


Vincent Lebbe

An Interesting Portrait of St Vincent – Thomas Davitt CM


Fr Thomas Dougan CM

Fr Patrick Brady CM

Br Jerome Collins CM


Volume 25

A New Look at an Old Temptation – Stafford Poole CM And Douglas Slawson CM

St Vincent and the Bible – Myles Reardan CM

Robert Hanna – Thomas Davitt CM


No Exit? Reflections on a Book – Roderic Crowley CM

“Spirituality and Justice” 16-20 September: A Brief Report – Stanislaus Brindley CM


Phibsborough Spire


Br William Smyth CM

Fr Michael Walsh CM

Fr James Cahalan CM

Fr Andrew Kavanagh CM


Volume 26

The Opening of the General Assembly – Richard McCullen CM

Evangelizare Pauperibus – Luigi Mezzadri CM

New Communities – James Claffey CM

A Pagan's Faith – Francis Banolo CM

The Closing of the General Assembly – Robert P Maloney CM

Some Reflections on Translating St Vincent's Conferences into English – Thomas Davitt CM

Seek the Kingdom of God – Vincent de Paul CM

Mary of the Poor: A Rereading of the Miraculous Medal from the Periphery


A Vincentian Priesthood – Daniel O'Connell CM

St Vincent on the Practice of Brotherly Love – Noel Travers CM

Endorsement – Stafford Poole CM


Fr Kevin Cronin CM

Br Thomas Gilmartin CM


Volume 27

The Origins of the Congregation of the Mission: Memory, Myth and Reality – Stafford Poole CM

The “Repetitions of Prayer” Volumes XI and XII of Coste – Thomas Davitt CM

A Visit to St Lazare, 1 January 1933 – Kevin Cronin CM

Vincentians at All Hallows – Kevin Rafferty CM

Homily at Mass at the Meeting of Confreres of the Irish Region, All Hallows, 21 December 1992 – Richard McCullen CM


Some Personal Reflections: Six Years On – Mark Noonan CM

Studying Urban Theology in Sheffeild, 1191 – 1992 – Stanislaus Brindley CM

A Further Endorsement – Edward R Udovic CM


Twickenham Bombed – Kevin Cronin CM

Volume 28

Charity – Vincent de Paul CM

André Dodin's 'de Monsieur Depaul a saint Vincent de Paul” - Andrew Spelman CM

André Dodin's “Monsieur Vincent Raconté par son Secrétaire” - Eamon Devlin CM

Meetings and the Vincentian Tradition – Aidan McGing CM


What kind of a Society do we want? - Mark Noonan CM

Vocations Weekend in Cork – Frank Murphy CM

Vincentian Month, Paris, August 1993 – Joseph Loftus CM


Two letters from Peking – Patrick Barry CM

John Henry Newman and the Vincentians – Fergus Kelly CM


Fr James Dyar CM

Fr Kevin O'Kane CM


Volume 29

St Vincent's Ideas on Retreats – Thomas Davitt CM

St Vincent and the Will of God – Richard McCullen CM

The Unitive Way: the Vincnetian Way – Myles Reardan CM

St Vincent and the French School – Andrew Spelman CM

Becoming a Bishop and Remaining a Vincentian: the Struggles of Archbishop John Jospeh Lynch CM - Richard J Kehoe CM

Some Addenda on John Joseph Lynch – Thomas Davitt CM

The Maternal Face of Jesus: A Note on Vincent de Paul – Robert P Maloney CM


In Search of the Charisms – John Concannon CM


Fr Felix McAtarsney CM

Fr John H Smyth CM


Volume 30

The Purpose of the Congregation of the Mission – Vincent de Paul CM

St Vincent de Paul and the Word of God – Jean-Pierre Renouard CM

St Vincent on Temptation – Eamon Flanagan CM

Vincent de Paul and England – Thomas Davitt CM

The 150th Anniversary of the Society of St Vincent de Paul in Ireland – Mark Noonan CM

The Travellers' Parish – A Review – Jospeh Loftus CM


Religion on Local Radio – Jack Harris CM


Two Interesting Letters from Irish Confreres in the mid 19th Century


Fr Donal Gallagher CM